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MASK 3Μ - 9914

Half face mask with activated carbon, dust & gas filter and exhalation valve for easy breathing - FFP1S.

MASK 3Μ - 6200

Half face mask reusable. Combined with 3M 6057 gas and steam filters

MASK 3Μ - 7502

Half face mask reusable, made of silicone. Combines with 3M 6057 gas and steam filters. Soft silicone mask for comfort and durability.Thin nose cover for more comfort.


The 3M ™ Secure Click μενη reusable Half Face Mask HF-800 Series helps protect against particles and a wide variety of gases and vapors when used with approved 3M ™ Secure Click filters.

3Μ-MASK - 4251

Long-lasting half face mask with built-in activated carbon filters, dust filters and exhalation valve. (FFA 1P2D)

MASK 3Μ - 6800

Full face mask reusable Combined with 3M 6057 gas and steam filters. Since soft, hypoallergenic elastomer.

3Μ - 6057 FILTERS

6057-3M Filters for Organic, Inorganic, Acidic Gases and Vapor. ABE 1 (1000ppm)

3Μ - D8059 FILTERS

Dual-flow filters for organic vapors, inorganic and acid gas - vapor and ammonia. ABEK protection level1.

3Μ - 6099 FILTERS

Filters for the use of phosphine, organic vapors, inorganic and acidic gases, ammonia and its derivatives. ABEK 2P3

3M 5911 Particulate Pre Filter Cartridges

Particulate 3M 5911 P1 FFP1 Dust Filters for 3M Half & Full Face Masks 6200 , 6502 , 6800 , 7502.

Filter Retainer 3Μ 501

Filter Retainer 3Μ 501 for use with masks 6200 , 6502 , 6800 , 7502 .